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Good day to all readers,

I have a 8 year old Acer Aspire T630. I upgraded the memory capacity from 2 GB to 4GB 4 years back. A few months ago when I started the pc, it suddenly started beeping and after searching the internet, the beeping is caused by memory failure. I removed the ram sticks from 4 slots to 2 slots and the beeping stopped and I tested all the memory using the "working" ram slot, all the memory sticks are working and when I tested the slots, the second slot (away from the processor) has already failed and every time I inserted any of the ram sticks into that slot, the beeping starts. The pc is running on Windows XP 32bit, Pentium 4 with HD 4350. Ever since I removed the 2 GBs from the 2-4(dual channel), the speed of the computer is terribly slow even after I reformatted the pc. Is there anyway to replace the slot or are there any other ways?

Thank You