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Well that weekly sale is valid until tomorrow :)

I don't think the RG630 can match the quality of the S12II product line but it's a respectable ATNG-built unit that provides a quality output. Review here. It is NOT in any way a "poor quality" unit.


Consider that the TDP of an A8 APU (CPU AND the graphics) is no more than 100W.  That's no more than 100W on the 12V rail.  I would push it and trust a 200W PSU (as long as there is enough 12V rail voltage) on the A8.  Taking on a lower quality unit than you'd expect doesn't necessarily make such a unit unacceptable nor does it mean it is not capable; although I'd much prefer an 80+ rated unit as well (80+ shouldn't be used as a total PSU quality reference by the way) if budget does not permit, I just want to let everyone know that there's no problem in foregoing it.


The A75M-S2V still does not include any VRM cooling, and aside from features like SATAIII is not too worthwhile an upgrade.  For overclocking purposes on an A8 3870k you need to be looking at boards like the TA75M(+) with VRM cooling or adding the heatsinks for stable operation with a tower heatsink.  Otherwise you might as well save the cash and look for the 3850 (200Mhz down on the CPU should hardly make a difference)


The RAM kit you couldn't find is the Kingston 2x2GB kit on the weekly sale.


No problem!