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Maelthras' AMD 1100t Late Build

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Well I just pulled the trigger on the setup I've wanted for a very long time.
AMD 1100t
2x80gb caviar blue in raid 0
8gb ddr3 1866
asrock 990fx extreme4
MS windows 7 64
Lots of 110 cfm slipstreams
xspc 240

I've already got the water cooling and some of the fans, but I've been working with a crippled 955 with 1600 ram oced to 1800. I've just wanted to update and get the 6 core goodness, will be benching with the 5870 e6 that I've got and have fun ocing this new virgin setup. Also I'm new to raid so I will be calling in some help from shaded war to help me with that and then see how far I can get this 1100t to go, me and shaded have decided to have an oc war. He has a 1100t but with a weak board that doesn't oc well, so I'm going to lend him my current asus after I get the new parts and were going to battle it out and see whats the best stable oc we can get. Will be updating in the middle of the week after the stuff gets here as we get the systems up and running.

I had always wanted the 1100t to oc but never had the time or money to have fun til now so here we go. Any tips or pointers on ocing would be much appreciated. Will be testing the stability with prime 95 blend.

Well this is not good news, my 1100t has been canceled because it's not in stock anywhere. I may have to take a 8150 and see what I can get but I'm not thrilled.
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8120 is the best bang for the buck in the FX line up and better than the 1100T IMO. You have water cooling so temps shouldn't be a prob for overclocking. Just make sure you get both Windows 7 patches if you do go with an FX cpu.
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Yeah I just got a 8120 from newegg, going to see if they can squeeze it into my earlier order.
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