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Usually a bug check that states that there is a bug in a device driver, bios or a hardware problem. Update your BIOS to the latest version from the manufacturers website at this point. If updating the BIOS does not help, you've already reinstalled Windows, so I'd say the culprit is most definitely RAM in this case.

  • Confirm all the memory is of the same type and speed. Many motherboards only work correctly when the memory is installed with matched sets and matched speeds.
  • If you added or changed your memory just before this problem occurred, try reverting to the prior memory configuration to confirm it's the source of the problem.
  • Check that the memory is fully seated in the sockets. Memory sockets often have side latches that need to be upright to indicate the memory is correctly locked in place.
  • Confirm the memory resides in the correct slots on the motherboard. You'll need to refer to the motherboard manual to confirm this. There is little consistency, even within a single vendor. Some systems require that memory is installed as matched pairs, but not always adjacent to each other!
  • It's also possible the memory problem is on the video card, as they often contain additional memory. The video card should be tested and/or try a different video card to see if the problem goes away.
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ok this morning it blue screen again it seem to happen when the computer is off for a few hours and I power it on
It has finally showed a bsod log in mimidumps and I have attached the dump file.
If it the memory again I will be RMA back this piece of memeory that G skill sent my as a replacement.

031212-26379-01.zip 26k .zip file
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ok guys I have finally found the problem and its the memory sense then I had to redo the computer because I took out the good memory and left the faulty piece in and the computer went mad, after a few hours of sleep mode. and no matter what I did windows wont start back, even after trying to restore 3 times with the good piece of memory, so I redid the computer and just to make sure it was the memory i put it back in again and after a hour of sleep mode windows refuse to start up, replace the good one and so far for the pass few days now computer is work good again.
thanks to all those who helped me out Thanks. thumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gifthumb.gif
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Originally Posted by Tarun View Post

Common BSOD Error Codes for Overclocking
0x101 = increase vcore
0x124 = increase/decrease QPI/VTT first, if not increase/decrease vcore...have to test to see which one it is
on i7 45nm, usually means too little VVT/QPI for the speed of Uncore
on i7 32nm SB, usually means too little vCore
0x0A = unstable RAM/IMC, increase QPI first, if that doesn't work increase vcore
0x1A = Memory management error. It usually means a bad stick of Ram. Test with Memtest or whatever you prefer. Try raising your Ram voltage
0x1E = increase vcore
0x3B = increase vcore
0x3D = increase vcore
0xD1 = QPI/VTT, increase/decrease as necessary, can also be unstable Ram, raise Ram voltage
0x9C = QPI/VTT most likely, but increasing vcore has helped in some instances
0x50 = RAM timings/Frequency or uncore multi unstable, increase RAM voltage or adjust QPI/VTT, or lower uncore if you're higher than 2x
0x109 = Not enough or too Much memory voltage
0x116 = Low IOH (NB) voltage, GPU issue (most common when running multi-GPU/overclocking GPU)
0x7E = Corrupted OS file, possibly from overclocking. Run sfc /scannow and chkdsk /r
i would say check your RAM timings and refit it
lastly welcome to OCN thumb.gif njoy your stay here smile.gif
Told you it was the RAM tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by Tarun View Post

Told you it was the RAM tongue.gif

Thanks , the system is not and was never over clocked biggrin.gif
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lolzzzzz lachen.gif
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ok guys I put the same memory in a dell dimension 9200 for the pass few days now and its working great no problems what so ever, STRANGE
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Are you implying that the memory you put in the Dell is now in your computer that was crashing and it's working fine? Or are you implying that the memory works fine on the Dell currently. If it's the first one, BSODs are random, and it will come back. If it's the second one, it may be because the system you're BSOD'ing on has a bad board / bad DIMM slot, memory isn't compatible, timings & voltages aren't correct, etc.
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Its working in A dell,
well I think it may be that the memory isn't compatible in my board because any slot I put it in it had BSOD but still memtest reads it as ok and so far the dell is working great
As for timings I let the board auto detect the memory
? what timings should I try using ?
Or may be the memory that G.Skill sent back Is just not working on my board????
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Do you have by any chance your OS installed on a Crucial M4 SSD?
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