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Well my cathode won't light up fully frown.gif.


Support over at FrozenQ has been great though. Contacted them late last night and had a reply by 8:30am today and have been emailing back and forth. They are going to be sending me either a new tube, inverter or possibly both. So kudos to them for being on the ball.
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This might have been asked already, but I have an Air 540 I'd like to put a LF reaction dual bay res into. I modded my case to have a second "pair of bays" cut, bent (chassis), and set up below the power buttons and USB connectors to do exactly this.

I know the Monsoon bay res can be mounted in vertical bays, and has a ton of ports in a bunch of different spots. But can this FrozenQ bay res do it? The Reaction res looks a lot better to me, and I'd have to imagine I can install a D5 on the back, mount it in the bays, and use the lower hole for the inlet (obviously, provided there's always enough liquid in the reservoir to exceed where the pump is).

Can anyone confirm this? Otherwise I'm looking at getting craftier than I'd like for this build...
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