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I need a bit of help. Every few months since I got the thing (Samsung Syncmaster PX2370), I've tried to adjust the picture on the monitor to achieve a suitable balance of gamma, black level, contrast, color balance, and pretty much everything here. So far, I've failed miserably. First of all, there seem to be very limited settings for actual adjustment on the monitor. Secondly, between NVCP, windows 7 settings, the monitor itself, and 3rd part programs like quick gamma, I'm honestly lost with where I should be calibrating this. I started by trying to only use the physical monitor settings, but as I said, they're way too simple for any meaningful adjustment. The second best thing I've found so far is the NVCP settings, but no matter what I do, I can't get my black level to an acceptable level without having a washed out screen or contrast issues.

So PX2370 owners: How do you adjust your monitor and how are your black levels in the Lagom image test?

(btw, the reason I'm bringing this up 1.5+ years into ownership is that I jsut bought Skyrim and can't find a compromise between settings to create an acceptable picture for seeing detail in shadowy, dark images.

Also, to what darkest square can you see in the black level test?)
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