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Updated gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 bios from F4 to F6 and my max core temps have increased rather significantly.

On bios version F4 I could hit 4.4 ghz on 1.47v vcore with a max temp of 42 degrees while running prime 95. However, vcore drop was excessive and the multiplier was constatly fluctuating even under load...hence the reason for updating.

On F6 I have cpu stable at 4.2 ghz 1.42 vcore with a max temp of 47-49 degrees running prime 95 (voltage drop minimal and constant multiplier). When I bumped up vcore even further to attempt 4.4 ghz, max temps hit 60-64 degrees running prime 95...I was not at all comfortable with those temperatures, and brought the chip back down to previous 4.2ghz settings.

Any reason for the increase in core temps? Is this temperature increase normal relative to my previous bios, considering that my previous bios would not hold the voltage or multiplier correctly?