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Hello, now i know this is a well known problem with 400 series, when the card simply blacks out when she is running, so i"m working on my pc and bang, no pitcure on both screens, they loose signal, power phase led-s on card stop working and only thing that helps is a hard reset, now i have my gtx470 SOC for about 6-7 months now, i bought it from a local review site so it doesn"t have warnitty! please don tell me about RMA because that is not an option, now when i bought it 6 months ago i had that black out problem, first only when i overclocked, especially when bumping the voltage a little bit, so i decided not to overclock, a few times i also had a problem with blacking out on desktop, then problem disapered ,or i did something i don"t remember, but now i reinstalled windows and problem is back, first i realised that only thing that will crash the card when overclocked is furmark, so i suceeded to push her up to 800mhz on gpu with 1.04v and she can run 6 hours of bf3 , heaven benchmark , whatever you want, and she"s gonna be stable, so i was happy with that, but during last week i had a blackout 2 times in idle, when she is totaly underclocked at 50mhz , my pc is running 24/7 but on old windows that problem was not there, it was running for months with no crash and i don"t know what to do now, i read that putting new bios can help , i did that once but it also was gigabyte bios for SOC cards, is there some kind of custom bios that can solve my problem or something else, please help me , btw there is no dust in the card, there is fresh artick mx2 on it and she never goes over 65C in games, even with 1.04v .