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Too good to be true?

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I've been looking for a good deal on a 2560x1440 monitor. Now, desiring an IPS panel I've been looking at the Dell Ultrasharp U2711. Cheapest I could find one is $750 used on ebay, except this one company in the UK has it for $629.46 USD with FREE shipping.


Now I emailed them, quite skeptical if the free shipping really applied to the states, and the response was that all orders over $150 were indeed free shipping to the USA.

I'm thinking this is like the deal of the century, but very scared to order one for fear of 2 things. One, it's a complete scam, the only method of payment for international orders is a bank transfer. And two what if it gets damaged in shipment.....will I be required to send it bacK? I bet shipping to the UK on that sucker would be $150-200 :-/

So I'd like some opinions here first. I've sent another email asking about the damaged shipment question, but would just like to know what you guys think.
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Those 2 factors are exactly what I would worry about.  Additionally, warranty in the UK most likely cannot be carried over to the US.


Dell UK sells the U2711 at US$1167 (equivalent).  So, $629 is almost half the price!  Perhaps some UK members can comment on the validity of this shop. 


Dell obviously sells the U2711 at various prices around the world and these prices can differ substantially.  For examples, Dell sells the U2711 for US$845 in Taiwan and only sells for US$715 in Hong Kong. 

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Hmm, yeah good point on the warranty thats definitely a concern on such an expensive monitor.

Darn, anyone in the UK here with a lot of disposable income wanting a dell U2711??? Order one and let me know how it goes! lol

If I was independently wealthy I would do it, but then again if that were true I wouldn't be worrying about a couple hundred bucks either and just buy a new one here :/
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