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For Sale:
FS: MSI GTX 560ti Twin Frozr II/OC (1 GB GDDR5)

Will Ship To: US48

Hey everyone, I'm selling my MSI 560ti TFII/OC card. I sent my original one in for an RMA because of a bad fan, and received this one in return. For those of you wondering, RMAs are handled based on serial number, you don't need to register a card. The warranty is 3 years I believe.

During the time I spent waiting for the RMA, the 560ti 448-core model went on sale on Newegg so I bought that.

For those of you wondering how powerful this card is, it will need a combined 38A on the +12V rails (IIRC), and can play BF3 at ultra textures, high everything else, AO off, AA off, AF 16x like butter (upwards of 100 FPS on my sig rig).

I'm asking for $205 via Paypal or Chase QuickPay. You will receive the card, plus everything included with the original box (manuals, etc.)

Thanks for looking! All shipments are sent via USPS with tracking number!

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