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Weird Benchmarks

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Hi Folks,

I had this in another thread but I think it went dead some time ago. Wondering about some benchmarks I did with PCMark vantage. I had my BE 955 OC'd @ 3.6ghz and got a score of 8999 PCMarks, then continued and OC'd to 4ghz (only other setting I changed other than multiplier was the voltage, went from stock to 1.4v) and my bench score dropped to around 8700PCMark. I've ran the benchmark a couple of times at 4ghz, but this seems to be the same result I get each time (or at least quite similar, nothing close to 9000). I was wondering why I might see a drop in my benchmarks with higher clock speeds.

Thanks for your help,
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Hmmm... strange. Unfortunately I've no experience with PCMark Vantage, but did you try running other benchmark utilities like 3DMark Vantage or 3DMark11 at 4GHz?

Try that smile.gif
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