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I have a 5.1 reciever (Creative Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700) connected optically to the onboard sound of my Asus Rampage IV Extreme. The reciever is supposed to auto-detect the surround signal, for example if I put in a DVD movie in the ODD and play it in Windows Media Player, the Dolby Digital/DTS LED lights up on the reciever. However, when I play computer games I'm uncertain on how to obtain the best surround sound. As none of the computer games I've tried has caused the reciever to auto-detect a signal even if I set the sound options to 5.1 speakers in the game.

So the question is, should I enable Dolby Pro Logic or use one of the recievers custom modes to obtain the best surround sound?

Or more simply put; Dolby Pro Logic vs custom modes for surround sound when Dolby Digital or DTS isn't available?

My reciever has the following modes:

CMSS Movie and CMSS Music (with a text that says 'Up Mix')
Fourpoint/5.1 DIN

I don't have the manual and the only manual I could find online did not cover this specific subject (unless I missed it).
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