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Completly new windows install.

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Hey guys, just received my new PC. Pretty excited at the moment. They built it for me but I told em i was able to install windows and drivers by myself. However i wanna make sure I do everything correctly.

So first step is putting the windows cd in and installing it. I can do that I think.

Is there a general procedure or I go like I feel.

Let's say something like :

1st : do windows updates
2nd: install mobo and chipset drivers
3rd: install gpu drivers
4th: install audio and ethernet drivers
etc etc

I just want my install to be clean and perfect. Is there any guide out there for that ? I'm using a i5-2500k with a gtx 570 and a ssd.

Is there some drivers for a ssd ? Do i have to configure anything in the bios for it to work properly ?

I thought I would be able to do it alone but i gotta admit that im a bit lost with the new technology.

Thx for your help , and sorry for my bad english.
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The first thing you have do is insert the Windows CD or DVD. Afterwards you should go into the BIOS and set the DVD Drive to your first Boot Device under the Boot Priority tab in most cases.
Then restart the machine and simply boot from the Windows CD or DVD. From that moment on just simply follow the instructions given and make sure you install the Operating System onto the right drive, which would be your SSD, I guess.
Then complete the rest of the installation and mainly wait for it to complete.

When done you can't just update Windows, since in most cases you will have no access to the internet without Ethernet drivers. At first install these from your Driver CD or DVD, but don't install the other ones, just the Ethernet driver.
Then download the latest drivers for the rest of your components to get the maximum performance and efficiency.

To get the Ethernet drivers and most of the other ones you will have to go to your motherboard manufacturer's website and look for your exact motherboard model. The select the right Operating System. Make sure you know your difference between 32-bit and 64-bit.
If you don't know, just click on Start>right-click Computer>Properties. Now you will see which version your're using under System type.

Download Chipset, Audio, Ethernet and maybe even USB 3.0 drivers if they aren't already included in the Chipset package.

No, you will not need any drivers for a Solid State Drive (SSD).

Now for the GPU drivers download it from NVIDIA's website.

And that's it. Now you're done. For the last part I'd set the Boot Priority to your Booting SSD or HDD.

I hope I could help you out, I really put effort in this message. rolleyes.gif
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wow nice man thanks a lot
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No problem rolleyes.gif
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