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Originally Posted by Retrospekt
They beta is getting pulled in 2 months from everyones use, so i dont know if that would make much sense right now.
Hi retrospekt,

They are pulling the beta?? I'll have to go read the forums there. Is it because the beta test will be over and the finalized versions put into place? Or because of the limited time or stated another way, the extra time needed to produce programed WU's which work with the gpu cores??

From what I read, Pande wanted more completed WU's and ATI is helping develope some of the needs for drivers. Only the catalyst 6.5 drivers and 6.10 drivers seem to work right now... They are really worried about EUE's, I think. I guess the thought is, that anyone with an X1900XTX will want to game and such which really hurts the whole WU progress. The rig I speak of for me, will only fold... not so for everyone though.
But if they're going to kill the gpu/WU protocol, then that saves me some money!

Thanks for the update, :-)