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Need some Dell U2312HM info

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So I've been doing a bit of research of the past few days into a monitor to replace my Samsung px2370, the likes of which I can no longer stand. I've decided to go for an (e-)IPS monitor as I'm especially sick of brightness/gamma variation in my previous TN monitor from top to bottom and to the sides while simply sitting head on. Anyway, I can't really find viable competitors to what Dell can offer in the 'budget' IPS 23-24" market at the moment, so I've set my sights on either the U2312HM or the U2412M. Aspect ratio aside, the U2312HM is currently $90 cheaper than the 24" alternative, so I'm really considering that. However, I've read through multiple reviews and threads on various forums and have a couple of outstanding questions/concerns:

-Does the current revision of the U2312HM have the same 'buzzing' issue below 99% brightness as many people reported in September (when it was first released)? I'm somewhat worried about this as my current monitor developed this problem (which turned out to be a bad transformer and was fixed by Samsung), and it annoyed the hell out of me.

-According to TFT central, the contrast ratio is a bit lower than the U2412M when calibrated; will this be that noticeable for a casual user? Also, besides the aspect ratio, is there any appreciable difference between the two?

-For any owners of either panel, are there any outstanding issues or quirks that you can share?

-I did have a couple more qustions but I seem to be drawing a blank, so I'll update this when I remember. rolleyes.gif

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I have 2 U2312HM monitors and they are great. No buzzing below 99% Brightness (Just checked).

The Contrast racial is pretty much the same for U2312HM and U2412HM. I actually went with the U2312HM over my 2 U2410 monitors and notice no difference, except the U2312HM has better lighting and absolutely no backlight blooding and run cooler. My U2410s were overkill and gave off to much heat and had way too much backlight blooding.

The only difference between the U2312HM and the U2412HM is the screen res. The U2312HM has less pixels and is 16:9 and the U2412HM has more pixels and is 16:10.

If you wanted a panel for print, then you would go with something like the U2410 which can display more colors and is more accurate...

Once you go IPS, you will not go back.

Need to know: you will notice some IPS glow at extreme veiwing angles. Plz do not confuse IPS glow with backlight blooding like most people do...
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