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FX 8120 Power Saving Features On or Off?

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I am new to OC, I have a Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 MB, AMD FX 8120, 16gb (1600) ram, 700 watt OCZ PS, water cool Antec Kuhler 620. Running latest beta Bios.

I have OC to 4ghz at 1.3v. (That is fine for me) I do not play any games. I do video editing, other than that surf the net or some light photo work.

My question is when I turned off all of the power saving features in the BIOS (C&Q, etc) I ran CPUz and the clock speed was at a constant 4ghz, I stress tested with y-cruncher for 6 hours temps stayed a 40c the whole time under load using all cores. When I turn the power saving features back on in BIOS CPUz says the processor without load is running at about 1.5 ghz (not at computer). When I start y-cruncher the CPU will throttle up and down to 4ghz.

My question is since I do not video edit everyday and really only need the added speed when rendering should I leave the power saving features on? When rendering will the CPU render at 4ghz? Or should I turn off the power saving features since surfing the web at 4ghz is overkill? Or just before my render turn off all PS features?
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It is all preference really, if you want some lower temperatures at idle and longer cpu life you can leave them on. I dont video edit but it should take what it needs so most likely you will be hitting 4ghz loading it video editing. you can start your video editing software and monitor the clock speed and judge performance and see what you prefer.
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