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ahh i see, that is pretty cool, what do you do?
Yea from what i hear intel still has some OC problems, but their board manufacturer is very high quality, so their boards are built very well. Just i don't think intel cares too much about OCing on their own boards, as you don't see many OCers buy Intel boards anyways. Their stuff should work fine at stock however. That memory reading thing has been off since day 1, and you are using the latest CPU-z however there is CPU-Z 1.593 which isn't released yet and might have a fix for it as it does fix memory timings reading on some other platform that it currently doesn't' even detect at all on.

I work for an electronics retailer and have some friends in the OEM community. Just got a AMD 7970 today and installed it - pretty sweet card.

You are so right about OC'ing on this board - it hasn't been easy to get it too high
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do you have any insight on this?
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