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Hello my fellow Overclockers,

I just built a system with a 3930k on a Rampage IV extreme for my first build. Unfortunately, I went over budget and had to use an HD5450 that I got for $30 so I can actually use the PC.

I was soo hyped about the 7970 and was saving up for it but then I'm hearing of all these reviews and Nvidia previews. Sounds like Nvidia is going to come back pretty hard.
Since the 7970 is wayyyy overpriced for it performance I need to get a Graphics Card that will be able to perform "well" on a 1080p monitor for gaming (BF3 graphics wise)

Right now I have my eyes set on an 550 Ti in SLI or a 570.
I would love to hear some recommendations on a card (or card setup) around $200 to $350 to suffice till then. biggrin.gif
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