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Intel e7200 Overclocking

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Hi everyone . I want to overclock my cpu , was in my mind for a while . Finally i found enough courage to do so . I'm a complete noob at overclocking and don't know much about BIOS . Anyways , after reading up some posts about e7200 , i decided to give it a go so i did but temp hit 65-70 celcius pretty quickly .
I changed volt to 1.30v ,
frequency to 333 MHz
multiplier to 0.0x ,
CAS latency to 5.0 ,
RAS to CAS latency to 5 ,
RAS Prechange to 5
and Cycle time to 15 ,
temperature heated up a lot . My rig is in on my profile . Also my BIOS seems to be a bit different from most . I have two columns of texts , first is the normal stuff second is the exit and save styles . Motherboard is gigabyte ep35-ds3r . My CPU-Z report :
Thanks in advance .
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hey there

i´d first recommend to search some guides for your socket ( its 775) and learn some basics like what program for watching temps,
which one for stability testing..
then fill in your hardware specifications in your profile, so people know what they handle with.

you will probably need a better cooler, 30-40$ should be enough for something like megahalem or scythe mugen.
man i think youre not ready for this step. try to google your mainboard and what overclocks people did achieve with it.

try to collect as much information as you can.. i can tell you basically that you need to raise your frontsidebus and northbridge voltage
for its stability.1.3v Vcore ( cpu) should be enough to get 3.0 -3.2? GHZ. some boards do not like it too hot on the northbridge so for a decent
overclock u need eventually a new nb cooler.

but like i said, youre way too fast.. fill in your hardware specs and try to read as much as possible, the rest should go easy as long as you
keep informing yourself and learn from other overclocks..

if you want to ask something feel free, i´ll take a look here and write a response.. GL
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