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So my ps3 now is awesome...

I have a sony bravia television 42 inch
my ps3 is the slim model
I am getting this on my screen
NO SIGNAL Audio only
This is connected to either of the two hdmi ports,
Now i connected the av component cables to the tv and still no signal audio only

How does one fix this issue, is it common for the ps3 to do this OR is it common that sony products are doomed to fail, hence why they are going to shoot more towards the software side (rumor article i read) (as a joke)

Just tried every port on the tv with the hdmi cable nothing
tried the av component nothing
tried the apparent resetting of the graphics by holding the power button for 5-10 seconds NOTHING

SO many variables to this
HDMI could be bad
Ports could be dead on either the tv or the ps3
the tv is dead
ps3 is just pos
Fustration level 10

Oh and google shows me Nada with jack
(top it all off my netbook screen is cracked some how right when i want to search online for answers smile.gif get to buy another screen repair repair repair thats what we do best ya)
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