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Question about OC'ing and GTX 285M SLI

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Ok, first and foremost, i've tried to do my Homework and learn about OC'ing, but admittedly, i'm not the best. I have an alienware laptop with 2 GTX 285M SLI cards. I've downloaded Nvidia inspector and saw that the CURRENT: CLOCK, MEMORY, and SHADER numbers were much lower than the DEFAULT numbers. I'd also like to overclock my cards a bit, but am not sure entirely what is safe.. so I have a few questions....

1. Does the CURRENT numbers represent that they are set to a lower-than-default status? Or is that just some sort of idle mode? When I play Skyrim, I haven't noticed any increase or decrease in the numbers and they are not as high as default shows.

2. I'd like to overclock my cards a little bit. Both of them. However, I don't know what a little bit is when it comes to this kind of thing. Does anyone know what some safer levels are for my Card types? I know default is GPU Clock 600Mhz/ Memory Clock 1020Mhz/ and Shader Clock 1500Mhz..... how much further can i safely go and still see a performance increase?

3. If I choose to overclock these cards, would MSI Afterburner be a good program to use?

Thanks in advance. I'm sure that this has been asked before. But I looked and found nothing (mostly because i'm really not sure what to look for to find this info) But any help will be most appreciated. If any other info is needed, just ask.
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**** EDIT**** Ok, so I found out what the numbers mean. They were changing.. I don't know why they didn't show at first. But i'm still curious if any of you could at least point me in the right direction for this:

For dual GTX 285M's ---- on an SLI setup, does anyone know what a relatively safe, yet still performance noteworthy level is? Please help.

Also, I realize this isn't the place, but could anyone point me to a good source for how to OC the CPU on an i7 740QM?

I ask because i've had a good bit of people refer me here and I was told that you all were very helpful and knowledgeable. I thank you in advance.
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