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I'm running two Galaxy GeForce GTS 450 GC's in SLI at stock clocks right now.

Clocks are:

Core: 825
Shader: 1650
Memory: 1848

I'm wondering how high I can clock on stock air coolers, if any. They both idle well at about 27-31c, and top out at around 65-70c in game.

EDIT: Just OC'd a bit and ran Furmark for 15 minutes.

Core: 905
Shader: 1810
Memory: 1995

BURN-IN SCORE: 2507 points
24752 frames, 27 FPS, 77°C
Resolution: 1920x1080 (FS) - AA:0 samples
FPS: min:24, max:29, avg:27 - OPTIONS: DynBkg

Ran stable, and looked good.

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