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FX4100 on M5A78L-M LX overclock

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Hello!... im new on this... but starting hard!!! biggrin.gif
This is ok?
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Not a bad start, but you should beware of the fact that the M5A78LM-LX is a low end 3+1 phase board, not designed for overclocking, and not designed for more than 95W TDP processors.  You may be losing performance by overclocking as over-current protection may force the CPU clock down as the low end 3+1 phase VRM system gets too hot/too loaded.  The fact that you've got a tower heatsink, which completely prevents any VRM heat from being moved, doesn't help.  You should replace that with the AMD stock cooler or a downward blowing cooler to ensure that the mobo components get cooling if you even consider overclocking.  I recommend, however, going further with a proper board that features a 4+1 phase, VRM cooling (ensure it if it hasn't any), and a higher end chipset such as 900 series (the 760G chipset really isn't exactly the kind of chipset you should attempt to push an FX to the max on).  The ASUS M5A97 costs only $86.34 shipped at NCIX and is a great value choice for what you want to do.

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