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How do my timings look?

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I recently bought 16gb ripjaws 1.65v 2133mhz cas 11-11-11-30? Don't quote me on the last part.

First I got to 1800mhz with 1.60v at 9-9-9-24, well that didn't please me

After playing around with it, this is what I am running now:

1600mhz at 1.55v 7-8-8-20

FSB 200

Phenom II 980 @4ghz

Prime is running for 30min now and so far so good.

I am still not satisfied, I believe I can push more out of this ram, anyone has any suggestions? I can't decide between going to 2133 and getting my timings as low as I can, or maybe even going with 1333 and getting killer timings.

The PassMark memory benchmark showed better results on my current setup than on 1800mhz, but synthetic benchmarks are not really 100%. I also have seen where speed was better than timings on other benchmarks so I really don't know what to do.
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Unfortunately with DDR3 RAM there is little to no tangible performance gains in real applications once you get above 1333 MHz. compared to slower DDR/DDR2 RAM which would showed some gain in real apps with tighter latencies or a bump in frequency.

AMD APUs are the exception as both the CPU and GPU can access the higher frequency and that does improve real world performance. Increased frequency is best with the APUs. Latencies don't make any tangible diff.

As the frequency increases one clock cycle becomes less and less in real time. Since the DDR3 RAM isn't a bottleneck there isn't much to be gained. Some folks have OC'ed the FX CPU RAM to 2400 MHz. and seen ZIP for performance gains because the RAM is not limiting performance.

Just being able to run your PII 980 @ 1600 MHz. with 7-8-8-20 @ 1.55v is decent. All you can do is try different combos and see if you make any gains in real apps. Benches will show a little improvement but that doesn't seem to transfer to real apps. for most folks.

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Currently running 1800mhz 8-9-8-24 at 1.50v, no mem test yet, but it boots and I am surfing the web so far.
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