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I've just bought a Corsair GS600 yesterday for my budget AMD box, it was at a good price and I didn't trust any of other similar sized units Fry's had on display. Anyway, its been working all day with no issue but a few minutes ago the fan started ticking loudly. I realized the fan has been going full bore since I've installed it, I'm not sure if that is normal but I know my AX850 didn't run the fan all the time. Anyway, it is the fan for sure, I used a cotton swab to stop it gently and the noise goes away as soon as the fan stops.

I do have it mounted with the fan up, it has an LED fan so I assumed it would be fine in this orientation. I flipped the whole case onto its top so the fan was "down" and it still ticks just as loud. Should I try exchanging it, or will I get the same thing with a new one? Can anyone clarify if the fan is supposed to run 100% all the time?