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Solved ? Please help - Power outtage now PC wont turn on

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Guess the above says it all. It was plugged into a surge protector, but it was a very old one (5+ years).

I tried a different socket on the protector and then plugged it into the same protector this PC is plugged into. Both sockets on the first surge protector, and the socket on this one all it does is I hear fans start to turn on for a second and then the boot stops. Seems like there is a noise ?? Until I turn the breaker off on the psu.

So what do you guys think?


I'll have to replace one at a time I suppose until I find the culprit

The PSU was the OCZ 600 GameXStreme that was in my Q6600, all specs in sig
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This sounds really dumb, but I'm going to post it anyway since it can't hurt to try. I had this exact same issue with a computer a few years ago. I was using it when our breaker was tripped during a surge. Anyway, I was freaking out, and I couldn't get it to post, and couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. Don't ask me why but... I ended up completely removing it from the surge protector. I unplugged the psu from the protector, and took it to another room in the house, and hooked it up to a television. I plugged it in, and powered it on, and everything worked fine. I was then able to return to the original room, and everything worked fine. It didn't really make sense to me then, and still doesn't now, but it can't hurt to try.
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Can you tell us what kind of sound it is making?
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Issued resolved. I turned the breaker on the psu off for about 30 minutes and got a new power cable

When I first turned on breaker and pressed the button got the same result, spin up then a low hum til the breaker was turned off

Then I turned the breaker back on and it turned on ?

Now i'm running startup repair cause the icons in system tray show the holder but are blank?
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Ditch the suspect spike arrestor and replace with quality power strip that actually protects from spikes or overcurrent...not just an extention cord with multiple outlets.
This sort of thing can potentially turn your prized PC into a giant headache. The bad news is the damage has already been done. The good news is that I am frequently wrong with my assumptions and predictions. Good Luck.
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