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Originally Posted by Hollowpb40 View Post

CoolerMaster CMStorm Quick Fire Rapid
Probably the best Mech keyboard at the price for anyone right now. Some great reviews as well. Getting mine tomorrow!
Yeah it doesn't have backlighting or macro keys, but if you REALLY want macro keys and backlight, you can gamble at the Black Widow Ultimate.
Other than the board I linked, there are currently no other boards at are of such quality in the price range.

How are they able to sell this mechanical board for so cheap compared to all other competitors?
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Well nowadays mechanical keyboards are the norm for gamers. Cooler Master generally set out quality parts without the price premium. Based on the Leopold keyboard, this keyboard oozes quality.

Not sure how they have it so low specifically, I'm just happy I got mine for such a price. Typing on it right now actually! Amazing quality, love MX Blues, and I actually like the font they've used.

Can't go wrong with the price, unless you want a different switch.
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