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Unlocking AMD Sempron 145

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Hi guys,

OK, so here's my first thread here, and it's about my AMD Sempron 145 CPU. Now as you can probably tell from the title I want to try and unlock that second core...

I am completely new to both unlocking and overclocking so please be gentle, and also forgive my noobie cockiness.

My motherboard is the Asus M4A78LT-M LE and as you'd expect I have the option of pressing 4.

I have already tried this method, and failed... I know I failed as when I turn on my PC it doesn't post ( which I can guess is not good ).

I then tried BIOS, doing the following:

In the Advanced tab,
CPU Configuration,
Enabled ACC,
Enabled Unleashed Mode,
and tried different options under that i.e setting the auto to single core etc...

NB :- Here's the interesting thing ( could just be a default thing ) as I went through the different option ( I think it said something like 'active cores ) the one that lets you choose how many hidden cores to unlock, it said I could choose from six... Does this mean my CPU could potentially be a hex core processor, and thats why I got a failed post? due to the fact my system is kinda running a 230 watt psu?

Anyway. I did some research and found out you can tweak the Vcore voltage up so that it gives your cpu more volts at a user defined pace ( instead of it being auto which is default ). Now this is my last question ( I know there are loads in this thread already and I'm sorry ) can and should I start playing with this with maybe one of the '6 available' cores at a time and see if I can actually get a post? And will my stock heatsink and fan cope with the extra heat? And how far should I go before giving up? With the Vcore I mean.

Hmm... That was an extra two questions which I'm sorry about.

And one last thing as I said above I am completely new to unlocking/overclocking cpu's, well the bios in general, but if you give abbreviation's like AAC could you put in brackets what it abbreviates? i.e. FSB ( what ever it actually is ) sorta thing.

Thanks! Jamie
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No, the Sempron series are native dual cores with one core disabled. It cannot unlock to anything more than a dual core. I haven't had any experience with overclocking, but those semprons can oc quite far with just a small voltage boost. I got a sempron 140 of mine a while back up to 3.7 Ghz (up from 2.7) with just 1.37 volts.
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