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870-g45 and zowie ec-2 mouse polling rate?

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OK, i have a 870-g45 motherboard and for some reason the polling rate is really unstable at 500hz with my zowie ec-2. im pretty sure its not the mouse because i returned the mouse. every time i play cs its like a different feel because sometimes its sensitive and sometimes it isn't.
also sometimes my mic volume goes so soft randomly, but i can fix that just by restarting the computer. that's not really the problem, the problem is that the mouse hertz is so unstable and its really annoying because when i play cs it feels different every time.

when i first built my computer this guy at a computer store help me put it together and he took off the north bridge and the south bridge and reapplied better thermal paste, could that affect my polling rate? because i know alot of people say that the polling rate has something to do with the chipset.

im thinking of just rma'ing my msi 870-g45 and getting a new one because im tired of getting owned of esea.

my mouse pad is fine everything is fine except the polling rate its so unstable. here's a picture to let u see what im going through


iv updated my chipset drivers and everything and also the zowie ec-2 mouse has no drivers.

also i know i can force my hertz to 500 using a program but i really dont wanna do that. iv done that and it still feel different everytime its very noticible il play cs and its not sensitive at all then il restart my computer and its super sensitive.

i have all the noforce commands, mouse fix for windows 7, and pointer precision unchecked. its that every time i restart my computer the mouse feels so different. can anybody help?
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Zowies are known for being unstable at 500Hz. To get it stable at 500hz you have to follow this guide: http://www.overclock.net/t/596276/changing-usb-polling-rate-to-1000hz-or-lower
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