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So, I've got a solid OC (so I thought) at 1100/1500 with no voltage increase. Games have been playing fine before and after the new driver, and 3DMark 11 worked before the new driver and worked immediately after installing the driver once. But today, I can't get past the graphics tests without it hanging. The first time it froze on the first graphics test, but eventually started going again. The next time, it made it to the third graphics test only to hang, and I had to do a hard reset. Is it not far-fetched to blame it on the drivers or is it most likely my OC? Just before running the benchmark, I finished playing BF3 for about 2 hours straight without any problems. Before that, I played Portal 2 for about 3 hours with no problems.

Is anybody else having 3DMark 11 hang after the new drivers?