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Hey guys, I'm hoping you can help me with a few problems I'm having customizing Firefox. To start off with I'm using the pre-beta version of Firefox, Nightly v13.0a1.

Issue 1)
The first issue I'm having is that I'm not able to get the same effect achieved by xd_1771 with the titlebar. To get my icons in the titlebar I'm using the "Personal Titlebar" add-on. This add-on takes everything that's in your menu bar and puts it in the titlebar. The problem is that I can't get MinUI to hide the menu bar items that are in the titlebar. xd_1771 is even able to hide his minimize/maximize/close buttons as well. I'm not sure if he is using the browser in full screen mode or not but he states that by pressing Ctrl (the hotkey used by MinUI) he is able to un-hide the entire titlebar including the minimize/maximize/close buttons. You can see images of this over in his thread entitled, "Why you NEED to customize your web browser".

Issue 2)
For my new tab page and homepage I'm using an add-on called FVD Speed Dial. The problem that I'm having with this add-on is that I can't run any bookmarklets on that page. I've got several bookmarklets on my bookmarks toolbar sorted into different categories that open normal bookmarks. These are there to reduce clutter and to allow for more bookmarks on the bookmarks toolbar. Before I use my bookmarklets I almost always open a new tab page so this is pretty inconvenient for me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.