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There are a couple threads over at the Corsair boards owners of this keyboard may be interested in.

First is about the keycaps not being laser etched as the box and web descriptions state:

Second is about some ghosting issue the K60 and I believe the K90 have, which they have a firmware in the works for:

I think I've seen the ghosting issue, but blamed myself for fat fingering.

I feel the the biggest cry baby in the world, almost every product I bought in the past month have had issues. I'm going to stick with the K60 because I really like cherry red switches and the overall look of this board. I do feel Corsair will remedy these issues.

I'm not experiencing the fading yet, but the board isn't even a week old. Part of the reason I did buy this one is because of a reviewer stating it did have better key printing then the press on printing.