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So I was thinking of getting this laptop/netbook/imnotquitesurewhatitis for mobility (I need to be able to carry this around with me at all times, without having to worry too much about battery life or weight) and it looks pretty hot too. I think it was announced at CES this year as a direct competitor to the MBA. One model has a 256gb SSD and a low-end dual core i7 (specifically the 2637m) while the other has a 128gb SSD with a dual-core i5 2467m. If my budget is not too bad I would go for the i7 model (it's 600$ off at NCIX right now) but otherwise i'm perfectly fine with the i5 model (200$ off at NCIX as well).

So here it is:

i7 Model @ NCIX

i5 Model @ NCIX

i5 Model @ the egg

*offtopic: love how the Asus G53 is a similar item on the egg...