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Fitting the cooling loop in the case

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So, this is all just assumptions / planning / dreaming / fantasy / whatever but I'd like to know for learning purposes how you would fit 2x 360 rads + everything else in any affordable (~200€) case, such as the HAF932 or Corsair obsidian or similar.
In my own non-imaginary rig I did some "mistakes" and had a too large reservoir and couldnt fit another 240 rad in my case so I had to attach it and the reservoir to the outside of the PC.
My pump is also located under the hard disk slots and thus I can't fit an SSD in if I wanted to, and this caused me to wonder how to fit 240 + 360 or 2x360 rads, the reservoir and the pump all in the case, preferrably without modding the case, and so that the loop doesnt block any extension slots like mine did. Is it even possible without a terribly expensive / custom case?
For example the HAF932 apparently has a fillport hole at the top, above the slots for optical drives and fan controllers etc. If you were to mount a reservoir there, wouldn't that block most of the slots unless the res is terribly small? I also tried to find pictures to find out where other people have mounted their pumps but I can't seem to find any pictures where I can actually see the pumps location.
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If you look at my profile, you can find the tread that I have posted. I mounted the radiator on the side of the backdoor on my case.. I did not have a chance to mount this in my case, but i realy liked how it looked when i was done. I also have the possibility to mount another one for when Im adding 2 of the 7970's! smile.gif
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