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Ice Dragon coolant warning label

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The label on a bottle of Ice Dragon coolant says :

DO NOT use with vinyl tubing as discoloration of tubing may occur

I thought most tubing was made of vinyl. Was that an incorrect assumption?

I was thinking about using either Tygon B-44-3 or B-44-4X OR PrimoChill PrimoFlex PRO LRT

What are most tubing for the purpose of watercooling made of? I tried looking up the specs for some, but they didn't specify.
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I think they mean clear tubing, you would never see any discoloration with colored tubing.
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B-44-4X will definitely cloud no matter what coolant you use. It is horrible tubing. I haven't tried the B-44-3 though.
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It works with primochill and clear flex no problems. The only tubing we have seen it have problems with is Tygon.
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Thanks for the info Mayhem. I'm glad I asked. I was about to buy some of the Tygon B-44-3 Beverage Tubing. I suppose I will go with Primochill then. (Although there is along thread labeled Severe plasticizer in Primochill LRT on the frontpage that I've been following) What is that tubing made of BTW
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TBH i seen some built up in all tubing there is no single tubing out tubing that doesn't cause build up.

How ever the cheap clear flex i've been using seems to do the job fine in comparison to more expensive tubing. Just stay away from Tygon if using IDC that's all i can relay advise.

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Tygon (R3603, B-44-4x- B-44-3) generally has a yellow tint to it. So it will make your IDC look off-white.

I'd stick to Primoflex.
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Whats the best tubing to use with your X1 uv green to get full effect of the colour??
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I use clear flex personally. I have no other preference for any other tubing because either you spend to much or you do not get value for money.
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we use all the coolants we make, Mayhems pastel, X1, Aurora, IDC. none have had any problems.
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