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Need help with corrosion problem

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Hi guys, I'm a watercooling newbie that has a problem with quite intense flaking on two of my compression fittings.


The two on the left were the ones hooked up to the radiator and it is a bit sad to see them like this after only four months. The fitting on the right was in the same loop yet still looks like what fittings should look like after four months (just like brand new).

I find it a bit strange that only the fittings on the radiator have problems (the radiator is an EK one), the inside of them is flaked as well which discounts any possibility that I screwed them in too hard and scratched the coat off. The radiator was flushed when I got it though only with heated distilled water (no vinegar added). I do think it is a problem with the radiator though I'm not sure why the fitting on the inlet port looks just as bad as the one on the outlet.

At this point I am 100% sure it isn't just some gunk. All the parts of my loop were from an EK kit (the only thing extra that I had to add was distilled water) so I am quite puzzled at how this has happened. Also there seems to be a black ring of some different origin (possibly plasticizer) around the radiator fittings.

Thanks for reading, I appreciate any help you can give me since I just made a rather large investment (for a student) into more watercooling parts and don't want to risk those getting damaged.
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r u sure it is corrosion? usually it is orange))) have u tryed wipe it with alchohol? is ur system began leaking? are they loose when in radiator/cooler or w/e it came from?
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Oops, sorry about the title, I ment flaking. I have tried to wipe it down and am quite sure the nickel coat has flaked off (could be because the compression fittings were not EN). There haven't been any leaks, nor do they feel loose.
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well i would take a flash light and look into rad inside, if u can see same staff there, well u need new one, also, might be just faulty fittings in a batch... if nothing in rad, i would try to hook new ones, i think this ones will do more harm then good...

"...why the fitting on the inlet port looks just as bad as the one on the outlet..."
well they have one thin in common rad so it is more likely ur rad, go check in side, use flash light, i assume u drained the loop, also any kill coils? or anyhting else in system to prevent biotic life?
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