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Barebones First??

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When building my Sig Rig, would it be a good idea to put the basics together (MOBO, CPU, Cooler, RAM, OS drive and PSU) separately before installing in my case ?
How would I do this?
What do you put the Motherboard on?
Would you do anything other than test the connections?
Install OS?
I have a HAF X, so I'm not worried about space issues, but I do have "stubby little finners."


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This is the order that I'd recommend doing everything in:
  1. Install RAM and CPU with heatsink into mobo.
  2. Install Mobo (with RAM and CPU) into case
  3. Attach front panel header leads to Mobo. Connect necessary Sata Cables to mobo (this could be done before installing into case. Just leave the other ends hanging).
  4. Install GPU.
  5. Install PSU and attach power connectors. Depending on the orientation of the PSU, the GPU, and their sizes, the PSU might have to be installed before the GPU.
  6. Install hard drives and optical drives, and connect to mobo and PSU.

I often times sneak a test boot after installing the PSU. For this reason, you might also want to install the PSU prior to the GPU (since the Pro has video out), which will let you test just your core components. If you're nervous, you can test the components outside of the case, but I personally wait until they are installed. The case provides the necessary mechanical isolation, so I'm actually more worried about static damage outside of the case than inside.

EDIT: The best way to do all this is lay your case on its side on a table. That way you can get good lighting, and gravity will be on your side holding everything in place.
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Here is what I do when doing new build.

I set up my case by putting in the power supply optical drive, and HDD or SSD.

Next I install the CPU, and CPU cooler.

Then install the ram.

Install motherboard with previous components.

Connect the front panel cables, power supply cables, and anything else.

Then I install the videocard, of cards.
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Thanks! I had seen some pics of rigs out of a case, I didn't know if it was just watercooling testing or what. I don't want to mess with any static problems. I've been saving for over a year for this rig!
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Will this be your first build? If so, congratulations on being sucked into a very addicting hobby.

This is a good video series on putting a computer together: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-uHmL7Y2UU&feature=related That one is part 1. Now, you don't have to follow everything this guy does, but it at least shows you a version of the process going forward.

This is a common mis-conception, but don't put sensitive electronic equipment on top of their anti-static bags. You'll notice the guy in the video puts his mobo on the bag. That's bad. Now, it's not like it will kill anything, but it could. The problem is that the outside of these antistatic bags is highly conductive. That's what makes them antistatic. So when you put electronic equipment on them, it's sort of like putting it on top of a thin, flexible piece of metal. It's better to set the components right on top of their box. The cardboard will be less conductive, and therefore less (potentially) damaging. Now, I didn't learn about that until after I'd assembled three computers, and all three still work fine, so, again, not an end of the world scenario, but something to be mindful of.
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Yeah, It's my first rig. Back in 2003, when I got my Alienware I still use today, I thought I would be getting into it then. Problem was there was a quick revolution then in tech and I didn't have the money to keep up. For this rig, I've done a lot of research here at OCN, on Tom's Hardware and other sites. I've realized that it's something that can be saved up for and done incrementally. At the time, I would had to of done a full overhaul of my system.

I don't think I'm going to get Ivy right when it comes out, but maybe a upgrade in a year or two when they come down in $. I'll still have the 1155 Mobo.
I am going for Kepler when it comes out. I was going to get a GTX 570 or 6970, but since the 660 TI is supposed to be the same price and 10% faster than the new AMD's (I know, I know...It's all rumors until Nvidia releases it's specs and don't trust those until 3rd parties do independent benchmarking). For years, though, Nvidia has had at least 1 or 2 cards that out class anything AMD has and their cards are just a step ahead.

Thanks for the tip about the boxes. That'll help with organization too, I'm kinda anal about stuff like that...

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