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Calling all Samsung 1.3v DDR3 Owners

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Hi all

Just got some of this ram and put it in my sig, having issues with 2133mhz. I tried 1.65v and 9-10-9-27 but it got 101 BSOD on prime95 with a custom blend using 6.5gb memory. I tired upping cpu vcore because I thought 101 code was cpu voltage but that didnt help. Anyone have any recommendations for me? I know some people trying changing one or two numbers in the timings, but I would like to hear from someone who has done that already please lol

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101 is a vcore related bsod (CPU), and for those sticks, you should try 9-10-10-28 1.55v or around (are the 30nm thin sticks right?). I recommend you to get memory stability first using HCI memtest various instances of 1024 or 1536 mb. After you have a stability there, go for cpu oc. Hope it helps. Cheers.
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Back when I first started overclockin I hear with higher Mhz ram its harder to get a CPU overclock stable, which I find funny. I would try to get them stable at 1866 to see if you can do it. Normally when I am overclocking the RAM and my computer isnt stable it will do 1 or 2 things

1. Not boot at all
2. Cause the workers to stop

So the fact your BSOD is just odd..

I put the RAM on my Asus P8P67 Pro with the CPU that I know is stable with the RAM and set everything to the same settings I had on my Asus P8Z68 V-Pro Gen 3 board. At 2133mhz it wouldnt boot, on 1866 the workers stopped right out of the gate, 1600mhz one worker stopped and the rest was fine.. (Basically I am having problems too lol)

I honestly dont know what to say to help you.. Isnt one of the voltages on the motherboard for RAM stability? Other than Dram.. was it VCCIO?

I would try 10-10-10-28 just to see if that works.. You need to find a level o stability before tweaking it more..
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