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Corsair AX 1200 Fan

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Hello everyone.

I am currently using a Corsair AX 1200 PSU on my water cooled i5 2500, 580 SLI rig. I had to RMA one AX 1200 because of a bad fan. I have been using the second AX 1200 PSU for about seven weeks now and I find the fan noise very annoying. Even when I run all three of the 140 mm case fans (my 120.4 rad is outside of the case) at 100% (1350 rpm) the PSU fan is still the loudest one. Looking at the interior pics of the AX 1200 at review websites the fan Corsair is using is a Yate Loon D14BH-12 - 2800 rpm, 140 cfm, 48 db.
Aside from the fan noise I like this PSU just fine. It has all the connectors I need and I spent a ton of time making and sleeving cables.
I am really leaning towards borking my warranty and putting in a diffrent fan:

Akasa Viper 140mm Fan - PWM
Dimension 140 X 140 X 25mm
Fan speed 600 -1600 RPM
Max airflow 110.61 CFM
Max static air pressure 3.12 mm H2O
Noise level 12.5 - 26.01 dB(A)

I would appreciate any feedback.
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Hello everyone.
Update on my AX 1200 fan project. Using the Akasa Viper 140mm pwm was a complete fail. The pwm controller in the AX 1200 will only run the Akasa fan at 500/600 rpm at idle or a 600 watt load.
I installed a Noiseblocker NB-PK-3 Black Silent Pro 140mm 1700 rpm and am running this on my T-Balancer bigNG. About 900 rpm at idle and 1500 rpm at load. Super quiet now and psu temps are about the same as with the Yate Loon.
Very disappointed Corsair chose to use this crap Yate Loon fan on a otherwise great psu. I will buy Seasonic next time around as they are using San Ace fans on most of ther high wattage psu's.
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