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Not everything that happens on a PC has a logical, reasonable explanation, you know smile.gif Why do I need to plug my mic in order to stop Battlefront 2 from crashing?..

Well, I know I'm far from the only person on this forum with more than one monitor. I'm hoping someone sees the post and chimes in with experience tongue.gif
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Have you tried messing with the Task Manager -> Processes -> Set Priority (on the application) to High? Maybe see if that will snap it up for some reason. hmm

I can try it, but a) I think this is video card related, these problems only occur with a 3D game running on the second monitor, and b) having to do that with every game would be terribad... [Changing the affinity didn't help]

EDIT: Just had the bright idea of trying the game in full-screen on the second monitor; the problem went away... so for whatever reason, my setup is not liking me playing a windowed game on the second monitor...
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