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So at the moment I have the Asus VH238H and it accidentally slipped off my desk and I have a few huge gashes that are only really noticed when its an all white being displayed on that part. Because of this I am wanting to get a new monitor, specifically the Asus VG236HE.

The reason I want the VG236HE is because I really want to see how worth it 120Hz refresh rate is. I do have a few concerns tho as I am not super knowledgeable in monitor/displays. Here are my concerns:
  • My current monitor (VH238H) is LED Backlit but the VG236HE is not LED Backlit, will this be noticeable?
  • Will the 120Hz from the VG236HE make up for the lack of quality by losing LED Backlit?
  • Will the VG236HE and my GTX 460 SE be capable of 2D 120Hz (I only ask because I am confused on 2D 120Hz)
  • From a quality standpoint if both monitors where fresh out of the box, which one would you choose?

Thanks for any help I can get on this situation, I just saw 120Hz monitor and nearly had to change my shorts. And I do love my current Asus picture quality, so I feel like I can trust Asus.