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I don't know why I always hesitated to buy a set of one of these. Finally, I ordered one set from amazon last week. Being a very impatient consumer, I tried to give a listen immediately after tearing apart their packaging. I use Creative's X-FI HD USB DAC/amp. Most of my music is played with Foobar2000 using Andrew Labs ATSurround plug-in (kind of like Dolby Headphone, but better). There were two initial impressions. First, the foam pad diameter is too small for my liking. I like the headphone pads to have a larger diameter in order to spread the headphone pressure over a greater area of my ears. A set of replacement Sennheriser HD414 could easily do the trick to fix this. I used instead a set of similar pads with a center hole, from a different set.

The second impression, the highs are kind of brittle. I set aside these headphones and let my laptop play the same album through them three times. The second attempt renders the following observations. These headphones are extremely comfortable with the replacement pads. The sound is fantastic for the money. These headphones sound basically like the more expensive Koss PortaPros but with crisper, livelier highs, and with the same strong bass impact, but without the mudd. This is of course, speaking in relative terms. The sound of PortaPro's is still great for the money, _specially_ the lows. The sound stage width is similar to PortaPros (not very wide). Next, I compared these headphones to Sennheiser HD555. The Sennheisers have undeniably a more "airy" sound, resulting in better sound stage width. They also have more neutral highs. However, the Senns have much weaker, somewhat muddier bass.

For gaming, I'd say that the Sennheisers are still my favorites. However, KTXPro1s could certainly fulfill the role of a poor man's gaming headphones. On the other hand, for music delivery, KTXPro1s are usually a lot more fun to listen to than Sennheisers. I tried rock, blues, and a few other types of music and always came back to the same conclusion. The HD555s could still sound a lot better on genres like live jazz recordings though. The HD555s also seem less fatiguing because as you may have noticed, the most engaging kind of sound is not necessarily the smoothest.

I also compared these headphones to Koss's other cheapies, the KSC75 clip-ons. The KSC75 clip-ons supposedly use the same drivers as KTXPro1s, and yet the later sound so much better than the former. First, bass is stronger and tighter. This effect is probably due to the headband pressing the KTXPro1 drivers more towards listener's ears while KSC75 sort of hang on your ears. Next, I actually do think the KXTPro1s have less distortion when playing demanding passages at high volume. I have a folk rock track that combines very thick bass guitar sound with very powerful female vocals. The KSC75s and PortaPros clearly distort the human voice in some places on that track. KTXPro1s, at worst, only give you a hint that they're close to their limits. HD555s have no issues at all on that track. Finally, being only $3 more expensive than KSC75s, the KTXPro1s are significantly more comfortable. For the price, (I paid $17), these headphones are an incredible value. Definitely recommended over KSC75s and certainly over Sennheiser HD201/202s. However, I still wouldn't discount the PortaPros. Looking at their headband, I think they are better gym/mobile headphones as they look like they can last longer than KTXPro1s under constant abuse.
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