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I am currently running a PERC 6/i card in my media server/HTPC, running whs 2011. It is a PC built from leftover parts that were found or donated by friends, so there is no Dell hardware in there except the controller card. I have been reading about how some people have flashed the lsi BIOS onto this card and use it that way. My question is since I have the card in the computer, whs has drivers for it, I have updated to the latest Dell BIOS, and I can use the mega RAID storage manager, is there a reason for me to swap to an LSI BIOS?

Another question I had is will I be able to set the server to spin down the array when it is not in use? I really don't need to wear out drives by having it spun up 24x7. I occasionally will need the array to be able to be accessed by multiple computers at once, but there will be a lot of time that it would be unnecessary for the whole thing to be spun up. Also can anyone recommend a stripe size? I will be using RAID 5 there will be mostly media files on the this array, that are to be shared around the house as well as some of my work, and other miscellaneous programs that may be stored on the array and run from it.