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New build! Help with ram oc Please!

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Hello I took the bulldozer plunge, contrary to popular opinions on the chip (lol) but I must say its quite good for me.

As of now I am able to get a 4.65ghz overclock stable, running on an antec kuhler h20 920 (or whatever its called) "liquid cooler".

I am by no means a profession overclocker, in fact I have very moderate experience.

My goal is to try and overclock my ram. My system is as follows:

AMD FX-4100 oc to 4.65ghz 66c at full load (stress tested with prime95 blend test for about an hour *lol)
cpu/nb freq 2150
Ht link speed 2580
Cpu voltage 1.45v
Cpu/nb voltage 1.3v

Corsair vengeance 8gb DDR3 1600 1.5v cl9 ( currently at stock timings, with 1.65v @1720mhz dual channel)

Asus M5A99x-EVO mobo.

I know this is a good board for overclocking and I've seen people take their vengeance 1940mhz or so with only loosening the timings to 9-10-9-27 however no matter what I try I can't get past what I'm currently at. My goal is at LEAST 1800mhz; 1866 is ideal, and around 2000mhz is dreaming but I would really love to make it there.

Does anyone have any ideas how I should go about this? Please help me out I don't wanna risk screwing things up but I would love the most out of my system. Also id anyone can help with a more efficient way to bump the cpu that'd be really appreciated too. It currently rates a 7.4 on wei (inb4 wei bashing) but its annoying to see such a high clock score that low. I can provide any other information needed. My birthday is in a couple days! Make me happy, friends!

-thank you for your time!,

*please note: I know 1333 to 1600 is the biggest jump and anything really after that isn't much real world difference apart from benchmarks, but you should already know how us overclockers are /;]
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Sorry for double post byt I'm using a 600watt psu if that matters! Thanks again!
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sorry for the self bump! still needing help with this! thank you.
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wow i cant believe its this dead in this forum.
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1600 MHz. RAM may or may not run stable at 1800+ MHz. depending on your IMC/mobo/RAM combo. Obviously with OC'ing there are no guarantees that your RAM will run similar or the same as someone else's.

You can try both slower latencies and slightly higher voltage.

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