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Any mobo preinstall suggestions?

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Hi everybody,
Well I finally purchased my first "quality" motherboard, (ASUS M5A97 EVO), and in the next few days I'm going to install it, (once I build up the courage).

In the past, I have moved a motherboard from one computer case to another and then reinstalled all the hardware as well as overclocked some of it. But I have never actually installed an entirely new motherboard.

My plan is to install this motherboard and boot up the system bringing it all to standard specs. That is to say that I want to start flat with no overclocking on anything.

Once I have it all stable I will then move to start overclocking. I have been doing a lot of reading on the subject and it comes in bits and pieces, (so I have some 'gaps' in understanding it).

So my question is, does anyone have any suggestions that I should follow before I actually install the motherboard?

I also have some brand-new Corsair Vengeance RAM, (8 GB), which I was planning to install at the same time as I installed the motherboard, (unless that is not recommended and I should stick with my old RAM until I stabilize my motherboard).

Any suggestions would help, thank you.

PS Thanks again to everyone who helped me with the mobo choice!thumb.gif
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Other than make sure the standoffs are in the right spot and making sure all connectors are hooked up right I can't think of anything.
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Thank You EVILNOK!
I was hoping you'd say that! The AMD software that I'm using, (AOD), has been working real well for me. But I see that Asus has some pretty good software of their own.

Right now I'm using MSI software to control my GPU, and AOD for the CPU as I said. The reason why like AOD is because I was able to free up each individual core allowing them to respond to the power demand separately from one another. This resulted in temperatures that were as much as 10 C lower, (maybe more).

I know that ASUS has a "simple form" and an "advanced form" of controlling the overclocking of the CPU. I don't know if you are familiar with this program but if you are, does the program permit the user to allow the CPU's cores to be free from one another as I just explained about the AOD program?

If you don't know it's no big deal, as I'll be finding out soon enough anyway.wink.gif

Thanks for the fast reply!
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