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Please give me some advice on upgrading :)

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Hi, I've been considering what would be the best upgrade path to follow considering how some poeple are saying Ivybridge may be delayed and I need to get everything delivered by May before I come back to university. The way I see it I have three options:

Sandybridge route:

Grab a 2700k and a Gen 3 Z68 board

  • Well established as a good performing CPU
  • Z68 boards prices will be lower at time of purchase than similar Z77/ X79 boards
  • Possibility of upgrading to Ivybridge at a later date

  • 'Old' chipset, poor timing considering Ivybridge is imminent

Sandybridge-E route

Choose a 3820 and an X79 board

  • X79 boards look damn cool
  • 3820 is currently (marginally) cheaper than a 2700k
  • Possibility of upgrading to Ivybridge-E at a later date (not sure if Ivybridge-E will use 2011)

  • X79 boards seem to be (generally) more expensive than their Z68 counterparts
  • 3820 isn't fully unlocked and won't be as adept at overclocking

Straight to Ivybridge route:

Wait until Ivybridge is released and get a 3770k and a Z77 (or Z68 Gen3) board

  • Newest generation CPU
  • Seems more appropriate considering the timing of my upgrade

  • Not sure on release dates for Ivybridge and how soon the sites will have them in stock
  • Less time to think through choice of motherboard given my time constraints (need everything delivered ideally by the 20th - 25th April)
  • Ivybridge might not provide a great improvement in games or other areas compared to Sandybridge (E)
  • Prices for the actual CPU and boards are likely to be high upon release compared to some of the Z68/ X79 boards I could get now

As you can see from this list I've been thinking about this for a while, but considering as this will be my first major upgrade (unless you count case, PSU and GPU as major) I'm not too familiar with the pricing of boards/ chips as they are released, I'm hoping the 3770k will release at roughly the same price as the 3820 (£250).

If anyone could provide me with some insight into what would be a good path to take I'll be very grateful, I can't decide what to do haha.

Thanks again.
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I think the best advice i can give you is.. look here on ocn or in the web for rigs from other geeks..
fall in love with one (because of OC potential!!? because of their experience with it?! because of the look of the hardware?
because because?

why the 2700k? wanna go 5ghz? an oced 2600k could be as good as the 2700k with no real noticable differences for 24/7..
another thing . your 9550 @ 3.8-4.0ghz should be sufficient to push you even thru the next 2 years woth yo 580.. so why dont wait for ivy and lower prices for it?!

depends all on money and imo you will burn it with no reason, because youll buy sandy, and then ivy will come out and then you will maybe hate yoself?!

cheers biggrin.gif
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My Q9550 is still at stock (oh the shame) and I have a feeling if I overclock it now it'll burn up haha.

As for waiting to upgrade, I could hold off for a while, but eventually it just gets to the point of 'why not upgrade now instead of waiting?', I can't really upgrade much without upgrading the CPU first and if I don't spend the money now (it's birthday money) then I'll only end up wasting it on something utterly useless.

thanks for the help, if anyone else has any opinions let me know biggrin.gif
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I understand (:
For how much would yo sell the q9550 then? biggrin.gif

to your problem.. then i´d go for 2600k with some good board ( look for the "best" OC´s here) and get a second 580 instead of thinking about watercooling.. sounds good?!
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I would sell the Q9550 except that I haven't got any experience trading on here and I would have no idea how to pack the CPU effectively so it doesn't get damaged/ fried in transit.

Also I was going for the pre-filled 'watercooling' H100 as my Cooler Master V8 seems like it's drooping :/

I was also thinking of getting the second GTX 580 for Xmas so then my entire system is more badass biggrin.gif
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My budget for CPU + Mobo is now £500 (~$800) so if anyone has any further thoughts I'd appreciate it. smile.gif
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