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Empire: Total War 6950 Experience

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Hello gents,

Hoping to get some info about people's experience on this game with a 6950 2gb card.
I am a huge fan of the series, and nabbed the game on one of those damn STEAM sales. Since then however, it has been a royal pain in the behind. The game is really choppy half the time at anything resembling high settings...and I can run Shogun 2 @ Ultra (AA at 4xs, but everything else topped) no problem. So, was curious how people got around this, or if it just my rig being stupid.
This happened with different driver settings, so its not that.
Oh, and my rig is a pretty standard one these days, 2500k, TFII 6950, 8gb RAM, nothing OCed.
I play at 1920x1080.

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Choppy when? In battle or campaign map?

ETW is kinda choppy on the campaign map no matter what, its one of its flaws... However its not choppy in battle...

I play it alot on my sig rig (and even my old PII rig) and aside from the unaviodable choppy campaign map movement, everything maxed it ran perfectly in battle.
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Damn, the choppiness is precisely in the battles.
A weird effect of it, is when I turn the graphics up to max, load a big battle (and the choppiness is very notable), and tell say a cavalry unit to run, their animations becomes very weird and robotic...not juts sluggish due to the lag.

We should be getting pretty similar performance right?

Do you have a STEAM copy?
I've tried reinstalling it, no luck so far.
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Steam is required for the game so yes haha.

Yeah very odd... I even play some mods which increase the graphics and unit sizes (one mod has unit sizes so large that a single regiment is 1000 men strong) and it still plays it sweet as.

From what you say in your OP our systems are almost identical although my 6950 is factory overclocked, but like I said I've played it on lesser systems fine, my mate plays it on near max (he drops a few settings cause he doesnt like 40fps) on a 5770 and a PII B50, so yeah odd.

Maybe something flukey with some drivers? I dont know but you should not be having any issues with the game I can confirm that lol.
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