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For Sale:
360S Halo Reach bundle + accersories, getting rid of it all.

Will Ship To: US48

Selling my Xbox because I just don't play it enough and I could use the cash. I'll keep it short, if you got questions just ask or shoot a PM

  • Xbox 360 Halo Reach console + original cables, have original box and will ship in it. Never had issues with it, no RROD, Never scratched a disk, never moved while on, Whisper quiet. I may still have the original receipt and will also sent it with. Some light scratches on the top from being taking to friends, no broken plastic or cracks.
  • 250gb hard drive, will format before shipping
  • 4 wireless controllers, 2 Reach, 2 Black (before d pad upgrade if that matter), there is one rechargeable batter pack and cable, Will include all the AA packs also. All work, show moderate wear, Reach controllers almost never used.
  • VGA cable set with gender bender VGA and gender bender 3.5 audio adapters.
  • HD cable set (RBG)
  • A white chat pad and white mic. Black that came with the console was crap and died so I pitched it.
  • I can toss in an Ethernet cable if you need one.
  • 13 games: All have cases and booklets, No scratches, cases have some dings but aren't broken .
  1. Halo Reach
  2. Halo Anniversary
  3. COD: MW2
  4. Borderlands
  5. Tales of Vesperia
  6. Oblivion GoTY edition, Has map and both disks
  7. Sacred 2
  8. Lost Planet 2
  9. The Orange Box
  10. Final Fantasy XI
  11. Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom
  12. PGR 4
  13. Front Mission Evolved


Paypal Preferred Non CC, will probable be through USPS or UPS with tracking and insured

If local, ~ 50 miles from US zip 61911 I'd be willing to meet up to exchange cash,


ONLY US48 for now.

Price is firm for now. Fell free to make offers though, always willing to work something out just don't lowball me as you will just be ignored.

I will NOT be parting this out. It's all or nothing for the whole lot.

Pictures: Not everything is in the pictures, I will make sure I have everything when someone buys it all.




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