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How do I go about making a divx/xvid backup, preservering the commentary track in the avi, so that either the main soundtrack or the commentary one can be selected in vlc? Evt. the subs as selectable as well.
I know it can be done, I just don't know how
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I would be interested in knowing this also. Ant ideas ?

Also please fill out your system specs in the User CP at the top of this page.
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Well .. I'm not going to fill in specs before my new box is assembled ... too embarrassing or at least till I have for-sure-no-more-last-minute-changes determined the hardware so the specs are true and accurate

but I know it's possible to have several (individually selectable) audiotracks on an avi, as I .. propably 2 years ago I think ... saw an avi that had been compiled with english and spanish maintracks as well as a commentary track.
I want my ever growing dvd archive on hd this way
I guess it's possible that it actually was a homemade .vob file with the 'relevant' tracks, named as .avi, but it's size said that it was an actual div/x/vid.
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