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First of all im new to this forum,so...Hi smile.gif nice to meet you all
here`s my question:

my gpu is ATI hd3470 mobility and using bios ver :
from ASUS

-will it be alright if i swap it with Newer bios from acer/original ati vbios?

acer/ATI vbios is

i check the specification with GPU z and i can tell they are identical,except the subvendor of course

also ACER Vbios seems to have higher voltage(1.2V) and clock than ASUS vbios(1.1V)

ITS worth the risk imo...with asus vbios im stuck with 650MHZ(oc) and my friend with acer aspire can oc to 900mhz before his graphic driver stopped working because of the higher voltage
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